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Welcome to my systemic coaching blog. I feed it to answer your questions: Do I need coaching? What is systemic coaching? How does it work? What results can I expect from a coaching relationship? How to choose my coach?

Indeed, hiring a professional coach is no small decision. Therefore, you might want to know more about the professional you're going to talk to before scheduling a call. For instance, what are my favourite coaching topics? What is my coaching ethic? Last but not least, what contributions can you expect from individual or collective coaching with me?

Insofar as coaching is a highly personalised professional service, it is difficult for me to describe its benefits in a generic way. Therefore, each article of this systemic coaching blog is inspired by real-life anecdotes, with the utmost respect of my ethical obligations of confidentiality. I hope these coaching stories will resonate with you and make you think about your own development challenges.

Not all my articles on my French blog are translated in English, but I'm happy to translate one of them on request. Please don't hesitate to ask, using the contact form.

A systemic point of view on current leadership and professional development trends, to take a step back from fashionable buzzwords. Indeed, personal development “rules”, disseminated in leadership programs and corporate lingo sometimes deserve to be viewed with a little distance.



Case studies I hope will resonate with your leadership challenges. The beauty of the systemic approach is that it is pragmatic and easy to storytell. While strictly respecting the anonymity of my clients, I bring out insights from particular cases that can be helpful in other situations. Why not yours?

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Coaching principles and tools, learned during my coach training and practice, applied to real cases. You may have heard of these coaching techniques before. Find out how I use them in my professional practice and their contributions to individual or group support.

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Who am I as a person, as a leadership coach and as an entrepreneur? What are my values, my ethics, and my posture as a coach? What lessons from my personal life, my training path, my supervision and therapy sessions, are likely to enrich my professional practice? Ultimately, what do I get out of my successes and failures as a coach?

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Blogging in confidentiality - my publishing discipline

At the risk of stating the obvious, coaching requires confidentiality and psychological safety. Therefore, as a professional certified coach, I must guarantee to my clients that the content of our coaching sessions is protected by professional secrecy. 

At the same time, sharing my learnings is an integral part of my personal brand, and most of my coachees choose me for the authenticity and generosity they find in my blog.

To reconcile these conflicting aspirations, I have built a publishing discipline in which my coachees play an active part. When contracting for a new coaching relationship, I ask each of my coachees for an agreement in principle, which they obviously have the right to grant or refuse me. Then, if a moment in the coaching relationship seems to me to bear learnings worth sharing, I write a draft article guaranteeing the anonymity of my coachee. I then submit it for review as many times as they wish to give them time to react and clarify any reservations. Without explicit and written approval, the article is destroyed. It's rare, but it happens.

I started building this rule during my training as a professional coach and gradually perfected it with my supervisors. For me it is an elementary mark of respect that I owe my coachees.