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Develop your coaching skills and identity thanks to supervision 
Whether you are...
An experienced coach or newly certified,
An external or internal coach, coaching individuals or teams,
Working independently or for an organisation, 
An accredited member of a coaching federation or not,

Supervision is a lifelong companion to:

  • Improve your coaching practice through analysis of your practice,
  • Continue your personal and professional development as a coach, 
  • Resource yourself professionally and emotionally, to remain available to help your coaching clients.

3 supervision programmes


Individual supervision: 
your topics, your pace.

  • 12 hours over 12 months.
  • Pricing : 
    • £ 2,040  for the whole year excl. VAT
    • One-off sessions : £ 190 per hour excl. VAT
  • Conditions : 
    • 1hr-sessions
    • Flexible starting date
    • Booking through Calendly
    • Rescheduling until 48hrs prior to the session
    • Delivery through Zoom
    • Payment on order
    • Supervision attestations upon request.
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Monthly group supervision

See 2024 calendar
  • 8, 2.5-hr group sessions over a year
  • Prix : £ 1,600 for the year excl. VAT 
  • Conditions : 
    • Standing group, 4-6 participants 
    • Fixed starting date
    • Collective dates, no rescheduling
    • Delivery through Zoom
    • Yearly commitment, payment on order
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Bimonthly group supervision + individual zoom-ins

See 2024 calendar
  • 8 2.5-hr group sessions + 4 hours individual supervision
  • Prix : £ 2,280 for the whole year excl. VAT
  • Conditions :
    • Standing group, 4-6 participants 
    • Fixed calendar for the group sessions, no rescheduling
    • Free scheduling through Calendly for the individual sessions, rescheduling until 48 hours prior to agreed date.
    • Delivery through Zoom
    • Yearly commitment, payment on order.
Let's meet for a trial session

What can you expect from my supervision?

What you can expect from my supervision :

Step back from and reflect upon your coaching practice, through ongoing or past cases analysis,
Receive support in your coaching difficulties and challenge to find alternative ways to overcome them, 
A safe space to share your doubts and dilemmas,
Find actionable ways to unblock a coaching situation and achieve your coaching goals, 
Acknowledge your strengths to leverage them more efficiently,
Work on what you consider to be your improvement areas,
Challenge your blind spots,
Deepen your theoretical knowledge through reflective practice,
Think by yourself to access your own resources,
Share experiences and learnings with your peers in a structured way,
Create trustful connections with peers and share your passion for coaching.

What you won't find in my supervision

Sales coaching

Who am I to call myself a coach supervisor ?

A coach who learnt from her mistakes, among other things! 

I have over 2000 hours of coaching under my belt. My clients are mainly executives working in global corporations. 

For years, I coached without supervision, not even knowing it existed. 

I quickly realised that real live did not look and feel like what I'd learnt in my coach training. I also became bitterly aware that learning from my mistakes only was very expensive :

  • Commercially, because disappointed clients never come back,
  • Emotionally, because the coaching relationship is a sounding board to our personal challenges. Not only our clients' !

Over the years, I have build a supervision team that has evolved with time, experience and training. I have been supervised by : Julia Carden, Duncan Coppock, Karen Foy, Emmanuelle Piquet, Séverine Pluvinage et Jean-Jacques Wittezaele.

To know more about my coaching journey

An accessible and disinhibiting supervisor

Since 2020, I've been writing about my systemic coaching practice in my blog.

A few loyal readers started asking me to supervise them. That prompted me to train myself as a supervisor, to provide them with the professional, emotional and ethical support they were asking for. I've always wanted to do a serious job without taking myself too seriously, as I have terrible memories of infantilising and judgmental supervision (not from the supervisors I mentioned above !)

As you might have already gathered - and maybe read in the Newsletter I publish on LinkedIn (in French), my ambition is to  support you to :

  • Make peace with your coaching mistakes by stepping back and learning from them,
  • Encourage you to develop your coaching identity and build your confidence in your unique abilities.

What is my approach to coaching and supervision?

My preferred coaching approach is the Systemic and Strategic approach (aka Palo Alto School). Read more about my coaching principles

I am also trained into "classical" coaching that meets the ICF competency model, and I have learnt to supervise with the 7-eyed modelJ’ai également été formée au coaching « classique » d’après le modèle de compétences de coaching de l’ICF. Enfin, j’ai appris à superviser avec le 7-eyed model, underpinning the EMCC supervision competency model.

This enables me to supervise coaches using different coaching models and approaches.

What are my qualifications as a supervisor?

I've been coaching for over 20 years and I am currently studying to become a Certified Coach Supervisor at Henley Business School 

I intend to become a certified Supervisor by the EMCC at the end of 2023 (certificate + >50 hours of supervision practice).

Read more about my coaching qualifications 

Témoignages de coachs

  • Convaincue par les références de Cécile, je lui ai demandé de me superviser dans ma pratique professionnelle à un moment clé d'évolution de mes missions.

    Dès notre premier contact, Cécile a su me mettre à l'aise, me permettant d'aborder des sujets délicats sans me sentir jugée. Bénéficier de son approche systémique m’apporte beaucoup en termes de démêlage de situations et de compétences relationnelles.

    Cécile est une accompagnatrice de grand talent, avec une longue expérience des organisations et un tempérament direct et enjoué.

    Nos séances m'apportent du soutien, de l'énergie et de la clarté. Je la recommande chaudement.

    CS, coach et facilitatrice

  • Cécile  a su mettre un cadre très clair qui a tout de suite posé les règles  de travail et la confiance réciproque.

    Sa supervision est aussi accueillante qu’exigeante.
    Elle est à la fois attentive, attentionnée, drôle, percutante, érudite en matière de coaching et de thérapie brève, incisive, inspirée et soutenante car Cécile n’hésite jamais à partager ses propres expériences, même quand ce sont des erreurs.

    En me parlant comme à une paire, elle m’a fait grimper d’un coup en niveau de précision, de réflexion,  de confiance, et de regard méta.
    Elle m’a ouvert des portes à travers lesquelles j’ai pu prendre le temps d’observer, passer doucement, ou m’engouffrer.
    Elle a su s’adapter à moi et m’a donné de l’élan dans la direction que j’avais choisie.

    Ce que j’apprécie le plus dans la supervision de Cécile c’est qu’elle me pousse à trouver le meilleur de moi-même;
    Et mon coup de coeur : son humour décapant et son franc-parler!

    EM, coach et psychopraticienne

  • La supervision avec Cécile est un moment à vivre et d’une grande richesse. Plaisir, apprentissage, compréhension… une grande professionnelle qui se met au service de ses pairs avec enthousiasme et ouverture.

    Merci Cécile.

    KD, coach interne

FAQ about coach supervision 

There are 3 main criteria, in my opinion. Your needs might change over time and experience: listen to yourself carefully! I invite you to come and meet me to clarify your expectations and options.  

Personnalisation / Sharing

Individual supervision is centered on you and your practice. 

In group supervision time and attention are shared among the participants. 


Availability / Regularity

Individual supervision allows you to get immediate help when you need it. 

Group supervision is a regular, scheduled moment, dedicated to your development as a coach. 


Privacy / Connection

Individual supervision is a space where you can bring intimate topics without fearing other people's judgment.

Group supervision is a shared space, where coaches benefit from their peers' experiences and points of view. I invest a lot of time in group dynamics, so everyone feels safe and valued.

In both cases of course, confidentiality is guaranteed.


The supervision relationship is a trust-based, lasting relationship. But lasting doesn't mean forever: I consider it healthy to change supervisor to meet your development needs. I have several supervisors myself and I have changed over time as my experience and maturity have grown.

One doesn't choose a supervisor and they would choose a coach. Here are 2 key questions I find helpful:

  • Psychological safety: do I feel safe enough with this person to bring them my doubts, shortcoming, failed sessions, ethical dilemmas... In other words, my "dirties"?
  • Learning opportunities: will I learn something from this person?

The situations we encounter in real life almost never look and feel like what we've learnt in the safe space of a training session. We find ourselves alone to address multiple challenges: 


  • Positioning and framing of the coaching
  • Coaching interventions
  • Setting, follow-up and evaluation of coaching goals 
  • Strategic dilemmas and impasses 


  • Maintaining the coaching contract and one's boundaries 
  • Distribution of power and responsibilities in the coaching relationship 
  • External interventions in the coaching relationship: how to coach in complex interactions
  • Positioning the line manager and HR in the coaching relationship 


  • Attraction and repulsion
  • Emotional contagion
  • Emotional burn-out


  • How to wear multiple hats as a professional coach
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Manipulation tentatives

Coaching a coach?

The coaching relationship is about the coach and their client, the coachée. The supervision relationship includes the coach-coachee relationship and encompasses the coach-supervisor relationship. 

👉 To coaching, the coaches come on their own. To supervision, they bring their clients.



Supervision is part of personal development, insofar as it helps you identify the situations in which you are more or less comfortable, the relational patterns that tend to come back in your professional practice, your strengths and vulnerabilities. All this is part of your coach identity and helps you become your own coaching instrument. 

That said, supervision does not have a therapeutic aim. At least, my supervision doesn't.

👉 I am available and trained to help you take care of yourself, not to cure you.